European Cruises | Best Deals on Cruises in Europe | UK

European Cruises | Best Deals on Cruises in Europe | UK

Cruises in Europe

Planning a European cruise holiday? Europe is a treasure trove of diverse cultures, enchanting history, delectable cuisine, and awe-inspiring landscapes. From the sun-kissed beaches of Spain to the romantic canals of Venice, each corner of this continent promises a unique flavour of adventure. Enjoy the flexibility of cruising, whether it's immersing in the rich cultural mosaic of Greece, exploring the historical grandeur of France, or soaking up under the Northern lights in Norway. Keep an eye on Cruise Prune to track prices and make informed choices about your dream European getaway.

Cruises in Europe offer a convenient and exciting way to explore a myriad of unique destinations. With Cruise Prune, you're one step closer to booking your dream cruise holiday. The romance of Europe awaits!


Auckland to Southampton, 58 Nights

  • 14 Feb 2025 - 13 Apr 2025
  • Auckland
  • Southampton
  • P&O Cruises
  • Arcadia

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Dubai to Southampton, 19 Nights

  • 25 Mar 2025 - 13 Apr 2025
  • Dubai
  • Southampton
  • P&O Cruises
  • Arcadia

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Southampton to San Francisco, 22 Nights

  • 03 Jan 2025 - 25 Jan 2025
  • Southampton
  • San Francisco
  • P&O Cruises
  • Arcadia

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Canary Islands, 7 Nights

  • 08 Mar 2024 - 15 Mar 2024
  • Tenerife
  • Tenerife
  • P&O Cruises
  • Azura

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Northern European City Escape, 7 Nights

  • 30 Mar 2024 - 06 Apr 2024
  • Southampton
  • Southampton
  • P&O Cruises
  • Iona

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Caribbean Transatlantic, 22 Nights

  • 09 Mar 2024 - 31 Mar 2024
  • Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda
  • Southampton
  • P&O Cruises
  • Arvia

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Amsterdam, 4 Nights

  • 08 Mar 2024 - 12 Mar 2024
  • Southampton
  • Southampton
  • P&O Cruises
  • Aurora

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Hong Kong to Southampton, 35 Nights

  • 11 Mar 2024 - 15 Apr 2024
  • Hong Kong
  • Southampton
  • P&O Cruises
  • Arcadia

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Introduction to Europe

Europe, brimming with a potpourri of cultures and boasting a rich history, covers nearly 4 million square miles and is home to over 741 million people across its 44 countries. This variety offers cruise holidaymakers an array of experiences, from the emerald isles of Ireland to the sun-kissed beaches of Greece, thereby making Europe an irresistible destination on any cruiser's itinerary.

Equipped with medieval architectures, modern metropolitan cities, scenic landscapes, and local charm, Europe holds a unique place in the hearts of voyagers. Whether it's the charming Amsterdam canals, the romantic Parisian streets, or the heritage-enriched streets of Rome, every port in Europe has a story to share and an experience to offer.

Leading cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Holland America, and Norwegian Cruise Line offer enchanting experiences with state-of-the-art facilities, luxurious accommodations, and special tour excursions designed exclusively for European routes. From wine tasting in France's vineyards to exploring the historical ruins of Rome, there is a bespoke experience for every traveller.

While European cruises offer flexibility with regards to budget – ranging from £500 to over £3,000 – the optimal cruising seasons fall between May and September due to the pleasant weather. However, for those looking to avoid the crowd, the off-peak seasons of spring and fall offer their own allure with lower prices and quieter ports.

Cruise Prune's Pick: For a magical blend of scenic beauty and cultural immersion, explore the fjords of Norway and the quaint Danish streets of Copenhagen in the late spring when the flowers are in full bloom.

Sightseeing Gems & Marvels Awaiting in Europe

Your cruise voyage through Europe promises a mesmerizing blend of old-world charm with magnificent structures, rich history, and breath-taking landscapes, all seen from the unparalleled cruising perspective. So let's set sail into an unforgettable journey.

Mirroring a storybook filled with fascinating tales, Europe's aura is filled with iconic landmarks and uncharted surprises that perfectly blend to offer an experience like never before. Its every corner whispers stories of its time-fluid nature, transitioning flawlessly from vintage to modern, equally captivating for the first-time cruisers and seasoned seafarers.

▪️ The Colosseum, Rome

Embrace the glory of the Roman Empire by visiting the Colosseum. Open between 8:30 AM to 7 PM, an early morning or late afternoon visit could help you skip the pack and experience this wonder in tranquil silence. Don't forget, it's conveniently located near cruise ports!

▪️ Eiffel Tower, Paris

The City of Light beckons cruise passengers to the scintillating aura of the Eiffel Tower. Go sightseeing early or late evening for a spectacular light display. France's most iconic symbol is a short distance from the Seine River cruise port, an easy grab for cruisers!

▪️ The Acropolis, Athens

Step into Greece's ancient heritage by visiting the Acropolis, the jewel of Athens. The best time to visit is late afternoon to avoid the crowd and scorching heat. It is situated rather close to the cruise port, making it an ideal stop for cruise passengers.

▪️ The Alhambra, Granada

Embrace Spain's Moorish past through the stunningly well-preserved Alhambra. It's open year-round, though a late afternoon visit offers cooler temps and the chance to feed your cruising memories with spectacular sunset views. A worthy addition to your cruise itinerary!

Cruise Prune's Pick: The mysterious allure of the Alhambra in Granada blends historical depth, architectural grandeur, and poetic gardens, all under the comforting nylon-blue sky. Its dusk charm offers a poetic finish to your day of cruising, making it our top choice!

Discover Europe in a Day: Tailored Cruise Itineraries

Begin your day aboard in Europe as we sail into the heart of this magical continent. Our carefully planned itineraries are designed to give you the most incredible experience possible. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, savor exquisite cuisines, and engage in enriching activities that encapsulate the essence of Europe. Cruise Prune eases your exploration by identifying and organizing easily accessible and unmissable experiences across Europe.

Family 🧡

An entire day devoted to family fun awaits in Europe. Experience the wonder of theme parks like Disneyland Paris, delight in interactive activities at world-renowned museums such as the Louvre, and soak in the joy of a family meal at a rustic Italian trattoria. Such cherishable family moments render Europe a memorable escapade.

Active 🎒

Adventure dwellers will be thrilled by the bustling energy in Europe. Embrace the adrenaline rush with outdoor activities in the Swiss Alps, challenge your limits with rock climbing on Greece's rugged landscapes, explore the picturesque hiking trails of Norway, and recoup your energy at a fresh organic eatery in Copenhagen. Europe's dynamic vibes cater to every thrill-seeker.

History 🏦

Dwell into the past with Europe's rich chronicles. Visit the storied walls of the British Museum, explore Rome's historic paths leading to the Colosseum, participate in guided tours at Berlin's historic sites, and dine at a Medieval-themed restaurant in Tallinn. Captivating and enlightening, Europe offers history buffs a dive into an unforgettable past.

Culinary 🍴

Taste the true Europe through a day of culinary exploration. Visit colourful markets like La Boqueria in Barcelona, dine at bistros in Paris known for their traditional delicacies, seek out flavoursome cheeses in Amsterdam's speciality food shops, and learn local cuisines in a Tuscan cooking workshop. Europe's gastronomy offers an unforgettable flavour profile.

Nature and Wildlife 🦜

Europe offers a rich and varied tapestry of natural delights. Spot local and migratory birds during a bird-watching trip in England's parks, marvel at the rich biodiversity of Spain's Doñana National Park, and observe local wildlife at Finland's wildlife reserves. Enveloped in natural beauty, Europe truly is a wildlife lover's paradise.

Shopping 💳

Take a shopping spree in Europe to create memories. Explore the hidden gems in the niches of Milan's boutiques, mingle within London's Portobello Road Market, acquire bespoke mementos at charming souvenir shops in Prague, and stroll in the buzzing malls of Stockholm. Europe offers plenty of shopping thrills for those seeking retail therapy.

Cruise Prune's Pick: Amongst all delightful itineraries, our top recommendation for {destination} visitors is the 'Family 🧡' one. It encapsulates the spirit of {destination} and offers an appealing mix of learning and leisure activities for every family member while ensuring countless unforgettable moments.

The Mouth-Watering Delights of Europe

Each European country invites you on an exquisite culinary journey, right from the comfort of your cruise ship. As a cruise traveller, you're privy to a spread of authentic dishes that embody the spirit of Europe from Spain's Paella to Italy's Pizza. Being a rich mosaic of cultures, each destination in Europe offers you a unique gastronomic experience.

While cruising through Europe, indulge in a variety of distinctive foods. Try the Bouillabaisse in France, taste the Wiener Schnitzel in Austria, or savor a bite of the Haggis in Scotland. Each dish gives a tantalizing peek into the culinary heritage of its region.

🥑Cruise Prune's Food Pick:

  • Paella: This Spanish delicacy is a vibrant mixture of rice, saffron, chicken, and seafood, making it the perfect meal to enjoy on deck as you cruise through Spain.
  • Wiener Schnitzel: A signature Austrian dish, this crispy breaded and pan-fried veal escalope is an unmatchable delight when paired with a good view of the Austrian landscapes.
  • Gelato: The Italian gem, Gelato, is a creamy, dense, and rich ice cream that serves as a delightful palate cleanser while sailing the Italian coast.

Turning to libations, Europe's drink culture offers a delightful mix. Sample a glass of Sangria in Spain, a pint of Guinness in Ireland, or a glass of Prosecco in Italy. The experience of sipping these beverages while enjoying the magnificent European scenery will etch beautiful memories in your mind.

Cruise Prune's Pick: We most heartily endorse the Wiener Schnitzel. This dish is a fine representation of Austrian cuisine, balancing a robust meat flavor with a delightful crispy coating. Eating a Wiener Schnitzel, while cruising down a calm Austrian river, creates the perfect fusion of culinary delight and scenic beauty.

An Ovation to Europe's Culture

When your cruise takes you to the heart of Europe, it's not just the stunning landscapes and striking architecture that will enthrall you. It's the culture itself that makes Europe an unforgettable cruise pick. As you step ashore, you'll find yourself immersed in a world where vibrant traditions blend seamlessly with modernity, where centuries-old customs lie at the core of the prevalent lifestyle, and every corner is a testament to its historical milestones.

As an astute cruise holiday maker, journey with us as we capture three distinctive cultural elements in what we like to call a 'Culture Snapshot'. Each stop on this itinerary is unique, radiating aesthetics that paint a vivid picture of the local essence of Europe:

🎭 Flamenco Dancing in Spain

The first snapshot is the Flamenco, a tradition pivotal to Europe's cultural landscape. With origins embedded in the Andalusian region, this dance form offers an intriguing mixture of emotion, music, and rhythmic movements that both tourists and locals appreciate equally.

🎨 Renaissance Art of Italy and France

Next in our snapshot is Renaissance Art, an age-old art form synonymous with Europe. It showcases not only the continent's artistic talents but also the deep-rooted cultural narratives that shape the ethos of Europe, with timeless masterpieces hailing from Italy, France, and the Netherlands.

🎤 Opera of Italy

Our snapshot ends with Opera, an immersion in which completes your cultural journey in Europe. The entrancing tones of this traditional music encapsulate the spirit of Europe, extending a visceral experience that resonates with every cruiser, whether the performance hails from grand stages of Vienna, the royal operas of London, or the timeless amphitheaters of Italy.

What amplifies our voyage through Europe's cultural pulses is the opportunity to not just witness, but join the local community in their traditions. As a part of the immersive cruise experiences, you can participate in French cheese-making ceremonies, learn Greek pottery, or even dance through a Bavarian festival. An experience aboard Cruise Prune isn't just a vacation, it's about etching lively narratives into the canvas of your travelogues.

As our cultural exploration concludes, we bring forth Cruise Prune's cherished cultural highlight of Europe:

Cruise Prune's Culture Highlight: The cultural feature that struck us most remarkably is Flamenco dancing. Its intensity, expressiveness, and the poignant emotions it evokes among visitors resonate with the ethos of Cruise Prune. Come aboard and discover the cultural treasure of Europe for yourself.

Handy Pointers for Your Voyage to Europe

Bon voyage, fellow sea travellers! As Cruise Prune's loyal patrons, we're privileged to help you home in on an utterly immaculate cruising experience in Europe. This treasure trove of handy insights is designed to deliver a stress-free, pleasurable journey while you live it up on the grand, spectacular beauty that is Europe.

With our 'Survival Kit for Cruisers', invaluable nuggets of information are at your fingertips, granting you a seasoned seafarer's mastery over local currency nuances, vital safety guidelines, transportation alternatives and social etiquette in Europe. Just a glance away, you're now privy to coveted cruising secrets!

💡 Banking on Euros

Europe's dominant currency is the Euro, adopted by most countries. Ensure you carry some for quick transactions. Banking services and ATMs are readily available, just beware of fees!

💡 Stay Secure

Europe is generally safe, but be wary of pickpockets in crowded tourist spots. It's prudent to keep valuable belongings secure and carry only what's needed for your day's adventure.

💡 Transport Tidbits

Public transport systems in Europe - be it metros, buses or taxis - are highly efficient. We recommend getting a day pass or city card for unlimited travel within the city.

💡 Social Savoir-Faire

Embracing the local etiquette reflects well on a traveller. The key is politeness. A warm 'Hello' ('Bonjour' in France, 'Hola' in Spain, etc.) goes a long way in warming hearts.

As you embark on this grand European escapade, Cruise Prune leaves you with one final, golden nugget of guidance:

The Cruise Prune Ultimate Tip: Interact with locals wherever possible. Embrace the culture, indulge in the cuisine, and truly imbibe the European experience in more than a touristy way. That's the Cruise Prune way of cruising!

Sailing Conscientiously Through Europe

Welcome to Europe's vast and varied coastline, an enchanting terrain that requires careful travel. As cruisers, responsible travel is our cardinal compass guiding us towards adventures which indelibly imprint memories on hearts, not footprints on earth. Our journey should not just be a tale of sights seen but of lives touched positively in every port we anchor.

Partaking in responsible cruising in Europe extends beyond being an amicable guest. It's an invitation to preserve the exquisite legacy of our destinations. Start by adopting eco-friendly habits, like carrying reusable water bottles to evade plastic wastage. When you immerse in the azure Adriatic or the sparkling Aegean, pay heed to not disturb the magnificent marine life. Opt for onshore activities that respect local customs and refrain from exploiting the environment.

One key to the realm of responsible travel is aiding local economies. Patronizing quaint eateries, artisanal stores, and local guided tours not only bolsters the community's livelihood but serves you the authentic essence of Europe on a platter, which regular tourist hotspots might fail to deliver.

Safer cruising requires conscious actions and responsible decisions. Follow these tailor-made travel tips designed to enhance your experience while prioritising safety:

✅ Cautious samplings of gastronomic delights

Fascinating flavours fill European streets, but remember to partake in culinary adventures responsibly. Choose restaurants that source local and sustainable ingredients. This not only supports local farmers but also ensures the freshest tastings.

✅ Respect of cultural customs

Europe is a tapestry of multiple cultures, each with its unique customs. Once ashore, respect local traditions, especially in religious and cultural sites. By doing so, you contribute towards harmony and mutual respect.

✅ Opt for eco-friendly transport

When on dry land, choose walking, cycling, or public transport over taxis and car rentals. This not only reduces carbon emissions but also offers an intimate encounter with your surroundings.

Concluding, every mindful decision you make as a cruiser amplifies the mantra of responsible travel - leave only memories, leave no trace. By adopting sustainable travel choices, you guarantee a lasting positive impact on European coasts while enriching your cruising experience.

Cruise Prune's Golden Rule: The best responsible travel tip that Cruise Prune holds indispensable is to respect your destinations, its people and customs. Immerse yourself in the culture, and engage meaningfully with the locals. This isn't only good etiquette; it's the secret ingredient for an authentic travel experience.

Your Voyage Starts Here: Europe's Friendly Port

As you set foot on Europe through the welcoming local ports, your immersive cruising experience truly begins. Considered the heart of your entire maritime journey, this is your gateway into the enchanting charm of Europe, where endless adventures await.

From the moment your ship acts in concert with the seasoned harbormaster for docking, the efficiently streamlined procedures at each European port ensure that your transition from ship to shore is a breeze. Inside the breezy terminal, services cater mindfully to the appetites and recreational needs of every cruiser. Ranging from lively bistros serving local flavors to a treasure trove of duty-free shops and the convenience of high-speed Wi-Fi, everything is set to ease your journey. And who could overlook the port's arresting architecture, echoing Europe's unique local aesthetics?

Eager to delve straight into Europe's heart? A plethora of professionally curated shore excursions unravel right from our terminal. Whether passionate about guided history tours, adrenaline-pumping water sports, or the charm of local marketplaces and craft workshops, you'll find that each European port serves as a vibrant hub for a multitude of such immersive experiences.

Step outside the port and you're amidst the hustle and bustle of vibrant city life. Locals milling about, parks lush with the region's flora, coastal walkways offering stunning sea views, and nearby beaches to soak up the sun, all adding to the vitality of life around the port. Exploring independently or simply sauntering about, you'll find unique local gems in every European city.

As for the 'Port Hotspots' that you mustn't miss, our recommendations are aplenty. Whether you're in the mood for a tranquil coastal stroll at the scenic Cinque Terre in Italy or looking to delve into local history at the Acropolis in Athens, each point of interest brims with the inimitable charm of Europe. Reachable on foot or by a short cab ride, these attractions stand as iconic representatives of our continent.

From streamlining your arrival to ensuring your every need is met with convenience, each European port offers top-notch amenities. Throw in the architectural splendor of the terminal, and it adds a unique flavor to your overall cruising experience.

The incredible fusion of convenience, excitement, and cultural immersion that our ports across Europe offer ensures that your memories of Europe are ignited right from the moment you dock. It sets the tone for the rest of your unforgettable journey into the enchanting Europe.

⭐Cruise Prune's Must-Know Tip: To make the most of your time in Europe, we advise you to keep a keen eye out for the cultural nuances that add charm to each locale. Treading lightly and treating the local places and people with respect makes for a truly enriching cruising experience.

Mastering Your Cruise Adventure: Essential Queries about Europe

Embarking on a cruise to Europe is like stepping into a storybook. But even the most seasoned voyagers need a guiding hand on their journey. Fear not, travellers! We've covered the most common concerns and inquiries about your upcoming European horizons right here, with a breezy Cruise Prune touch to keep the maritime spirit afloat.

And now, let's delve into those essential questions that are keeping you on deck:

The European cruise season sails from April to November with the prime stretch being from May to September. The ideal time will largely depend on your preferred climate and interest. For Mediterranean warmth, aim for the summer months. However, if you prefer less crowded city streets and cooler temperatures, the spring or fall are excellent choices. Be sure to pack an extra layer for evenings on the sea.

Europe is rich with history, and sometimes that comes with cobblestone streets and ancient architecture. While some cities are more challenging for mobility-impaired passengers, many have worked enormously to improve accessibility. From lifts in the Colosseum to wheelchair-accessible gondolas in Venice, Europe is increasingly open to all. It's always advisable to research specific ports or arrange an accessible tour through the cruise line.

Europe teems with secret havens beyond the well-trodden route. Take a bike ride through Barcelona's beautiful Park Guell or discover Lisbon's Alfama district with a ride on the historic Tram 28. Venture further afield to Tallinn, Estonia for a medieval fairytale experience. Each city comes with its set of secrets, and this is where the true wonder of cruising reveals itself.

While Europe is multi-lingual, you'll find that many locals, especially in tourist areas, are quite proficient in English. However, picking up a few basic phrases in the native language can add some authenticity to your cruise and endear you to the locals. Heartfelt attempts to communicate are always appreciated everywhere.

Our Journey's End: Europe

As we steer our course towards the conclusion of this delightfully informative voyage, let’s return to the heart of Europe, the vibrant and alluring continent that leaves every visitor aching for more. Europe’s mesmeric charm is unmatched, but nowhere is it more profound than when experienced from the deck of a cruise. You're not simply visiting; you're cruising. Soaking in every port's unique ambience, sailing each sea's distinct wave, you're on a voyage like no other.

Europe serves the art of discovery like no other. The magnetic allure of its natural expanses - from sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches to the majestic Norwegian fjords, is hypnotic. Beyond nature's masterpiece, a tapestry of rich history, vibrant cultures, and awe-inspiring architecture stretches out, inviting exploration by mesmerized visitors. European cities are architectural enclaves where each stone tells a tale. Cosmopolitan metropolises brim with ambiance and elegant sophistication, beckoning every culture-loving traveller.

The silver thread of warm hospitality unspools itself through the length and breadth of the continent. The European people, marked by their love for life and joyous festivities, extend an inviting hand to every voyager. And of course, who can ignore the continent's acclaimed culinary prowess? Europe's gastronomical diversity is as vast as its geographical expanse and is an adventure in its own right.

Did you know, Europe is also home to 34 UNESCO World Heritage maritime sites that can be best appreciated from the sea? From the awe-inspiring Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in the Coa Valley to the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, cruising offers an unparalleled perspective to those with a discerning eye for cultural landmarks. Embark on this extraordinary journey with Cruise Prune, and let us create lasting memories together.

So here's to the lure of Europe, to the promise of new experiences and the anticipation of countless unforgettable moments. Take the road less travelled or tread the beaten path, the choice is yours. All we can tell you is that each European sunrise brings a new spectacle of enchanting beauty true to only this continent. So, join us on our next cruise, and let's make memories together.

🌟Cruise Prune's Europe Highlight: Did you know Europe has a spectacular 'Blue Belt'? It's the world's largest network of marine protected areas! From the azure waves of the Mediterranean to the chilly green waters of the Baltic, Europe's marine biodiversity is a testament to nature's stunning beauty.