North Europe Cruises | Great Northern Europe Cruise Prices | UK

North Europe Cruises | Great Northern Europe Cruise Prices | UK

Cruises in Northern Europe

Thinking about immersing yourself in the mystical allure of Northern Europe? Marvel at Norway's fjords, Sweden's archipelagos, Denmark's castles, and more, all from the comfort of your dream cruise. Northern Europe cruise holidays open up vistas of breath-taking scenery, ancient castles, and vibrant cities pulsating with culture and history. Sprinkled throughout with UNESCO World Heritage sites and teeming with wildlife, there's always something new to explore around every bend.

Turn to Cruise Prune to keep a finger on the pulse of the best cruise deals in Northern Europe. Browse and bookmark your top picks, monitor price changes, and get notified when it's the perfect time to book. Let the sights of Northern Europe and the functionality of Cruise Prune guide your next cruise holiday planning. Your voyage awaits!

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Introduction to Northern Europe

A composite of some of the world's most advanced nations, Northern Europe is a treasure trove spanning multiple countries, hundreds of cities, and millions of people. Its geographical reach extends from green Ireland, down to the rugged coastline of Norway, all the way to icy Finland, framing vast landscapes within its grasp. It holds an enigmatic appeal; every city, every village, possesses a unique character and cruising charm.

Cruise passengers find countless reasons to explore Northern Europe - breathtaking fjords in Norway, architectural masterpieces in Denmark, medieval cities in Estonia, and pure tranquillity in Iceland. Each port visit introduces you to a new Northern European personality, each something exclusive, something intriguing.

Most top cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Viking often have Northern Europe on their preferred routes and their ships are perfectly suited to explore these waters. Luxurious facilities, multitude of onboard activities, and world-class dining are included in their offerings. The local airport and train facilities also connect seamlessly with cruise schedules for passengers' ease.

Cruise packages to Northern Europe are typically priced in the range of £800-£2,500 and $1,100-$3,400 depending upon the duration and exclusivity. The summer months from June to August present the ideal cruising season with long daylight hours. The enchanting sight of the midnight sun alone makes a summer cruise voyage worth taking.

Cruise Prune's Pick: Northern Europe remains a popular destination for Fall foliage cruises, where the fiery autumn hues provide a stunning backdrop for your journey.

A Feast for Your Senses: Attractions & Views in Northern Europe

Cruise passengers adrift in Northern Europe are generously treated to a picturesque ensemble of attractions and sights that are undoubtedly bucket list worthy. From preserved medieval old towns to awe-inspiring fjords and castles, Northern Europe offers a unique blend of rich history, stunning landscapes, and cultural curiosities handpicked for the discerning cruiser.

Northern Europe's allure lies in its bewitching juxtaposition of past and present, seamlessly marrying centuries-old heritage with contemporary marvels. It’s a region that beautifully harmonizes urban pulse, tranquil countryside, and an unforgettable coastline.

▪️ Old Town, Tallinn

This UNESCO World Heritage Site typically opens round the clock and is conveniently situated within a short distance from the cruise port. We'd recommend cruisers disembark early to fully savour the medieval charm and cobblestone enchantment of the Estonian capital.

▪️ Norwegian Fjords

These breathtaking natural wonders are the greatest showcase of Norway's untouched beauty. Accessible all year round, the fjords offer an unparalleled cruising experience with its serene waters, lofty mountains and dramatic waterfalls. Don't forget your camera and warm clothing!

▪️ The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

One of Denmark's most iconic attractions, the bronze mermaid statue can be found at the Langelinie promenade, not far from the cruise port. Best visited early in the morning to beat the crowds, it's a must-see for every cruise guest in Copenhagen.

▪️ Vasa Museum, Stockholm

Swedish history comes alive in this museum, housing the perfectly preserved 17th century Vasa warship. Just a short hop from the cruise port, cruisers should aim to arrive early, ideally around opening time at 10 a.m., to avoid long queues.

Cruise Prune's Pick: The Norwegian Fjords are our grand favourite. The immersive experience it offers cruisers is beyond comparison. The blend of majestic landscapes, marine life and tranquil waters takes breaths away. It sums up the essence of the quintessential Northern European experience, reserved for those who are truly chasing unforgettable memories.

A Day's Journey Through {destination}: Unveiled By Cruise Itineraries

Dive into the soul of {destination} through our thoughtfully tailored day itineraries, designed exclusively for our beloved cruise passengers. Discover nuances, charm and the real spirit of {destination} made possible by our accessible cruising routes that weave through the heart of the locale. Cruise Prune, your warm and welcoming guide, presents you with these itineraries, your keys to unlock the enchantment of {destination}.

Family Bonds 🧡

Immerse your family in {destination}'s captivating attractions. Engage in delightful banter at kid-friendly venues, embark on gentle adventures, and round off the day at a family-oriented dining establishment serving local delicacies. The magic of {destination} will etch timeless memories for the entire family.

Thrill Seekers 🎒

A day brimming with adrenaline rushes awaits adventure enthusiasts. Grasp nature's wild beauty through outdoor activities, navigate thrilling extreme sports, uncover unbeaten tracks on nature trails, and rejuvenate at quaint eateries serving hearty local dishes.

Time Travel 🏦

Dive deep into {destination}'s rich history with an itinerary crafted for history aficionados. Explore iconic museums, stroll through historical landmarks, savor cultural nuances on guided tours, and dine in an authentic, vintage setting. Step back through time in {destination}.

Gastronomic Journey 🍴

Unearth {destination}'s culinary heritage through a day of taste exploration. Visit bustling farmers' markets, savor traditional dishes at acclaimed local restaurants, browse specialty food shops, and engage in enlightening cooking workshops – a feast for all the senses.

Outdoor Wonders 🦜

Immerse in the serene beauty of {destination} with a day devoted to nature and wildlife. Spot exotic birds, visit verdant botanical gardens and national parks, and identify wildlife in their natural habitats. It's a rendezvous with raw nature.

Retail Retreat 💳

Enter a shopper's paradise in {destination}. Scout for unique finds in bespoke boutiques, experience the fervour of star-markets, shop for souvenirs at recommended outlets, and visit well-acclaimed malls intermingling global and local brands – a shopper's utopia!

⭐Cruise Prune's Choicest Pick: Treasure the unparalleled magic of an applauded local show in {destination}. This authentic experience encapsulates the culture, tradition, and vibrance of {destination}, making it a must-visit on your cruising journey.

Embark on a Culinary Adventure in Northern Europe

As an essential part of the cruising experience in Northern Europe, local cuisine holds a significant charm. Flavors as diverse and unique as the cultures themselves, the Northern European food palette is sure to leave you savoring for more. Notably known for their seafood, cheese, and hearty stews, it's an adventure in itself, waiting to be explored by every cruise holiday maker.

Get ready to pack an appetite for distinctive and authentic tastes, unique to Northern Europe. The region proudly presents dishes that have been passed down through centuries, made with locally sourced ingredients and traditional methods.

Below is the specially curated 'featured' list of local foods, a must-try for every cruise holiday maker in Northern Europe. Each food item provides a glimpse into the culinary diversity and rich heritage of the location.

🥑Cruise Prune's Food Pick:

  • Smørrebrød: A traditional Danish open-faced sandwich, Smørrebrød is a rye bread topped with a variety of ingredients, including pickled herring, cheese, cold meats, fish, and spreads.
  • Rakfisk: A classic Norwegian delicacy, rakfisk is fermented fish, most commonly trout, served with flatbread and sour cream.
  • Köttbullar: This Swedish meatball dish, served with creamy gravy, lingonberry sauce, and potatoes, is a hearty meal in Northern Europe.

Now, let's raise a toast to Northern Europe! The region is as popular for its drinks as for its food. Make sure to enjoy their world-class beers and specialty cocktails. Aquavit, a distinctive Scandinavian spirit flavored with spices and herbs, along with Finnish long drink, a fruity gin-based beverage, are just a few of the many intriguing drinks the region has to offer.

Cruise Prune's Pick: Our recommendation highlights the Smørrebrød. This Danish open-faced sandwich takes a simple concept and turns it into an exquisite mélange of flavors, thus planning an essential role in the unique Northern European culinary tapestry.

Immersing in the Cultural Spectrum of Northern Europe

For those who dedicate spaces in their souls for the extraordinary, Northern Europe welcomes you aboard Cruise Prune's journey into an alluring weave of traditions, customs, and history as deep as the azure seas themselves. Surge through age-old milestones, and hum along the rhythm of lifestyles as diverse as the Northern Lights painted across their resplendent night skies.

Embark on an exploration into a 'Culture Snapshot', featuring three cultural canvases across Northern Europe uniquely chosen to rekindle your curiosity. These are no mere tourist spots but living breathing expressions of an enchanting civilization promising a visual and emotional feast for you, our cherished cruise holiday maker.

🎵 Sámi Joik Tradition

An ancient form of song intrinsic to the heritage of the indigenous Sámi people of Northern Europe. Echoing through pine-scented forests, joik captures the essence of people, animals, and the spirits of nature, creating a harmonic bond with the enchanting landscape that surrounds you.

🕌 Stave Churches of Norway

Step into a fairytale setting with Norway's majestic Stave Churches. With origins in the 12th century, these distinctive wooden structures whisper stories of a long-passed Viking era and Norway's transition to Christianity, a vital historical gem amidst the ever-changing Northern European panorama.

🍽️ Danish 'Hygge' Lifestyle

A key ingredient in Danish daily life, 'Hygge' is a noteworthy essence distilled from the art of cozy contentment. The simplest joys, like sharing heartwarming meals or tales around a crackling fire, cultivate a profound sense of wellbeing, a testament to Northern Europe's commitment to balance and happiness.

For cruise passengers eager to feel the pulsating heart of Northern Europe's cultures, opportunities abound. Don a 'gákti' and engage in traditional Sámi festivals, wield a brush in a Viking woodcarving workshop, or wrap yourself in the cozy allure of 'hygge' over authentic Danish pastries and coffee.

Cruise Prune's Culture Highlight: The spectacle of Denmark's Roskilde Festival stands out. This monumental celebration of music and culture resonates with vibrancy, drawing both locals and visitors into a unified rhythm. This initial investment in cultural capital extends beyond your trip, embellishing your treasure of experiences for a lifetime.


A Cruise Compass: Insider’s Scoop for {Destination}

Sailing across the serene Baltic Sea, docking at the fabled harbors of Northern Europe—sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But even dreams require a touch of reality. Welcome to Cruise Prune’s corner of candid travel advice, created exclusively for ship trippers bound for {destination}. By serving essential tips about local customs, currency, safety, and transportation, we ensure you’re well-equipped for an unerring voyage in {destination}.

Below, you'll find our carefully curated 'Seafarer’s Survival Kit'. Presented within eye-catching data-cards, the kit imparts indispensable information about {destination}, prepping you for a smooth onshore adventure. Remember, the beauty of cruising lies in the details. So let's dive right in:

💡 Locale Lendors

Before your wallet sails away with the wind, stay afloat with knowledge about {destination}'s popular currency exchange points. Trusted local banks and established currency conversion centers ensure you get a fair exchange rate without falling prey to tourist traps.

💡 Safety on Shores

While {destination} is generally safe, it pays to be vigilant. Avoid dimly lit areas, particularly at night, and keep your valuables securely stowed. Having emergency numbers at hand is also a wise move. Stay safe and sail with confidence.

💡 Transfers and Travels

Navigating {destination} can seem daunting, but fret not. Public transport here is extensive, reliable, and cruise-friendly. Familiarize yourself with the local bus, taxi, train schedules, and routes. Better yet, hire a local guide to delve into {destination}, the cruiser’s way.

💡 Social Sailing

Respecting local customs and social etiquette in {destination} isn't just courteous—it's smart. It can garner genuine respect and pave the way for memorable, authentic interactions. Research basic etiquettes and when in doubt, follow your innate sense of politeness. Smooth sailing, indeed!

Finally, let us end where we started—with reality. And the reality is, there’s one tip that trumps all in {destination}:

Cruise Prune’s Eye-Opener: Whisking through {destination} is enchanting, but savor the experience. So take our advice—plan, but don't over-plan. Allow {destination}'s charm seep into you naturally and let your cruiser’s spirit explore the unplanned, beautiful, spontaneous moments. That's the real treasure of cruising.

Responsibly Charting Your Course through Northern Europe

We at Cruise Prune believe that every voyage, like your upcoming cruise across the captivating radiance of Northern Europe, is a symphony of memorable experiences. As intrepid globetrotters aboard our beautiful ship, we carry a collective responsibility to preserve the essence of the places we visit. We achieve this by bridging the divide between being respectful tourists and becoming conscientious cruisers.

Your Northern Europe cruise is an opportunity to harmonize with the pristine nature, sumptuous cuisine and soaring history of these lands. All while leaving a positive impact on the destinations. Every step on cobblestone streets, every interaction with friendly locals, and every ripple you make in the vast Baltic Sea should ripple positively in the direction of responsible travel.

Your journey through Northern Europe will initiate in the glittering fjords of Norway and continue towards its eco-conscious cities. Opt for biodegradable products where available, reduce your plastic footprint, and partake in local initiatives for clean streets. Admire the magnificent wildlife from a respectable distance, preserving their natural habitats. And when in the humble confines of your premium cabin, conserve water and consider volunteering in our onboard emission offset programs.

Unravel the region's magic by supporting the heart of its economy - the local businesses. There's a unique charm in savoring traditional lingonberry jams from Stockholm's food stalls, or collecting handicrafts from Helsinki's thriving markets. You see, when you join a local tour operator's walking trail through the grandeur of St. Petersburg instead of a mass tour, your experience gets richer. It's not just about ticking off locations on your itinerary, but also about weaving an intricate tapestry of authentic experiences and a sustainable impact.

Let us present you with three crucial guidelines to keep you safe and contribute to responsible cruising in Northern Europe.

✅ Embrace the Eco-Culture

Northern Europe ardently champions sustainable living. Respect this by choosing eco-friendly options whenever possible, like refilling your water bottles instead of buying new ones and using the public bicycles in cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

✅ Respect Potent Potables

Alcohol regulations are strict in Nordic countries. Maintain responsible consumption levels and understand that in places like Norway and Sweden, you can only purchase strong alcohol from state-run stores.

✅ Right to Roam Responsibly

The right to roam, or 'allemansrätten', is a beloved practice in Scandinavia, letting you explore vast natural expanses freely. But remember, this liberty comes with the responsibility of leaving no trace behind.

So, as you prepare to set sail for the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of Northern Europe, remember, responsible travel is the key to a fulfilling experience. By being respectful visitors and conscious cruisers, we open ourselves to authentic experiences and protect these locales for future generations. Let's embark on this voyage with mindful footsteps, leaving only waves of positive influence in our wake.

Cruise Prune's Non-Negotiable Travel Tip: When in Northern Europe, take a plunge into its recyclable product culture and use public transit systems as much as possible – they're incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly!

Discover the Delights of Local Ports in Northern Europe

Cruising to Northern Europe is about so much more than simply the journey; it's the thrilling anticipation of what awaits as you disembark. Our local ports, rich in history and charm, serve as welcoming gateways to the magic that Northern Europe has to offer.

Our local ports are friendly hubs of activity where traditional charm meets modern convenience. With easy docking procedures, ample shopping opportunities, diverse dining options, and free Wi-Fi availability, your cruise holiday starts on solid ground. Marvel at the grandeur of the terminal buildings, which blend traditional architecture with cutting-edge design.

From our local ports, an array of shore excursions opens up a world of adventure. Guided tours provide insight into local history and culture, while water sports offer a thrilling immersion into the breathtaking Nordic scenery. Perhaps you'd prefer exploring local markets or delving into craft workshops, entwining your travel tale with the threads of local life.

The areas surrounding our ports are brimming with public spaces for you to enjoy. Meander along coastal walkways, relax in lush parks, or soak up the atmosphere at lively local markets. With unsurpassed accessibility to beaches, enjoy your own pace of exploration, creating memories that will forever link you to these special locales.

Our 'Port Hotspots' guide navigates you to local gems, each carrying its distinct charm. Iconic landmarks, hidden eateries, or those tucked-away spots known only to locals, let us connect you to the heart of Northern Europe. From architectural marvels to historical sites, each attraction is conveniently located and offers unique snapshots of local life for your collection.

Every facility of our local ports is thoughtfully planned, aiming to extend your cruise experience beyond ship. With efficient terminal facilities and an array of services, you don't have to venture far for luxury.

Concluding your port visit, we assure you a treasure trove of delightful experiences right at the pier. A cruise to Northern Europe promises not just a journey, but a bouquet of memories— with our local ports as the perfect start and finish to each adventure.

Cruise Prune's Must-Know Tip: What better way to respect the places you visit than by truely immersing in local culture? Don't just visit, experience - try local food, listen to local music, and engage with locals. They're the bridge to a deeper understanding of the places you'll visit.

All Your Questions Answered about Cruising Northern Europe

Excitement is brewing, and you're on the very cusp of your adventurous cruise holiday to Northern Europe. At Cruise Prune, we understand you want to be armed with all the information necessary to make your trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Let's address some popular concerns and queries about heading to these charming, culturally rich destinations.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about cruising in Northern Europe:

A common query revolves around identifying the best period for cruising Northern Europe. The region shines brightest between May and September, when the days are appreciably long and the weather is pleasantly warm. When you cruise during the summer, you'll be greeted with long hours of Northern European sunlight, adding a radiant sparkle to your journey. Don't forget to pack light coats and layers to adapt to the variable weather patterns.

Accessibility is a priority for us at Cruise Prune. Be assured, our ships are designed to accommodate guests with special needs or mobility issues. Wheelchair-accessible cabins and corridors, alongside lifts and support rails, ensure a comfortable voyage and easy navigation. Each port of call in Northern Europe has its unique charm and accessibility features - ranging from flat cobbled streets to wheelchair-friendly museums and attractions.

Northern Europe is awash with 'hidden gems' waiting to be discovered! In addition to popular destinations like the grand canals of Amsterdam or Stockholm's archipelago, we encourage exploration of lesser-known wonders like Trondheim, Norway's historical heart, or the sublime beauty of Denmark's Bornholm Island. Our knowledgeable staff can provide insights into these less traveled paths for a truly unique Northern Europe experience.

Your onboard experience on a Cruise Prune vessel is curated to be a perfect blend of comfort and entertainment. Expect from us plush accommodations, a variety of dining options with captivating views, rejuvenating spa facilities, engaging activities for all age groups, dazzling night-time entertainment, and an unfailing commitment to first-class service. All these elements come together to make your cruise in Northern Europe nothing short of unforgettable.

The Final Splash: Sealing the Northern European Voyage Dream

In the unforgettable journey of exploration and cruising in the heart of Northern Europe, the culmination of every awe-inspiring detail – from the charm of Scandinavian fjords to the cultural richness of Baltic cities – is enriched by the uniquely warm and relaxed ambience offered by Cruise Prune. The cruising experience to these parts does not merely skim the surface but allows for an immersive exploration of the soul of Northern Europe.

Enveloped in an idyllic natural setting, the Northern European coastline promises a mesmerizing fusion of scenic vistas and wildlife. Its expansive fjords, lush forests, and the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle of the Northern Lights serve as a captivating backdrop to your cruising adventure. Cities steeped in history and vibrant cultures offer an endless array of fascinating stories, architectural masterpieces, and delicious cuisine. Cruise-friendly amenities further enhance the experience, making each docking a smooth and enjoyable venture. From expansive cabins to immersive excursions, exceptional service ensures that your every need is not just met, but surpassed.

Beyond the known allure, Northern Europe hides secrets that only the most discerning travelers uncover. Did you know, for instance, that the Copenhagen Harbour, a much-loved docking point, is so clean that locals often take a dip? Or that St. Petersburg, despite its historical grandeur, also hosts one of the world's largest startup markets? Facts like these, coupled with recommendations from celebrities like Judi Dench, who deems Norway the "most beautiful place on Earth," add a unique sheen to a Northern European cruise.

As we draw the curtains on our exploration of Northern Europe, we invite you, dear voyager, to step aboard and set sail. Break away from the clichéd holiday destinations and lift the veil on the less-traveled secrets of these splendid coastlines. With Cruise Prune, an unforgettable Northern European journey, framed by deep blue waters and unique personal trails, awaits.

🌟Cruise Prune's Northern European Highlight: Steeped in rich history and culture, Northern Europe is also the home of the world's oldest functioning amusement park, Bakken, located just north of Copenhagen. A visit here delivers the perfect blend of thrill, nostalgia, and Danish charm that incredibly enriches your cruising experience.