Cruises Belgium | Find Unbeatable Deals on Affordable Belgian Cruises | UK

Cruises Belgium | Find Unbeatable Deals on Affordable Belgian Cruises | UK

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Norwegian Fjords, 21 Nights

  • 23 May 2025 - 13 Jun 2025
  • New York
  • New York
  • Cunard
  • Queen Mary 2

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Norwegian Fjords, 7 Nights

  • 30 May 2025 - 06 Jun 2025
  • Southampton
  • Southampton
  • Cunard
  • Queen Mary 2

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Northern Europe: Iceland, Norway & Belgium

  • 12 Jun 2025 - 22 Jun 2025
  • Reykjavik
  • Southampton
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Norwegian Prima

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Introduction to Belgium

Belgium stands proud in the heart of Europe, beckoning cruisers with its distinctive charm and eclectic mix of culture. With a population of just over 11 million people, this relatively compact country stakes its claim with iconic sights and a heritage that spans centuries.

Belgium harbours an enchanting world behind its city limits, where age-old castles peek over hills, and cobblestone streets meander into lively squares. From Brussels' bustling city life to Bruges' romantic canals and Ghent's medieval architecture, there's a cascade of exploration awaiting at every port of call.

Cruise lines such as P&O, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean often avail their passengers the magic of Belgium. These vessels offer an array of bespoke services and facilities, including fine dining, spa experiences, and entertainment on board, tailored specifically to enrich their Belgium routes.

Belgium is a delight all year round, but the best cruising seasons typically fall from April to October. Prices for short European cruises to Belgium typically range from £599 per person for an inside cabin, increasing in accordance to the luxury tier. Of course, these prices are subject to availability, choice of cabin, and the time of year.

Cruise Prune's Pick: Be sure to plan your Belgium cruise around its hearty local festivals like the 'Carnival of Binche' or 'Ghent Festivities.' These events not only enliven the city's charm but provide a golden chance to immerse yourself in the local way of life.

Marvelous Attractions and Sights in Belgium

For cruise travelers exploring the heart of Europe, Belgium presents a wonderful assortment of attractions. With everything from awe-inspiring architecture to vibrant towns, this nation is a treasure for sightseers.

Belgium’s historic sites and idyllic landscapes provide a compelling allure that captures the hearts of cruising enthusiasts. Visits are accentuated by its friendly local culture, excellent culinary delights, and a vibrant craft beer scene. It is a place where medieval charm meets modern leisure in an intoxicating embrace.

▪️ The Grand Place, Brussels

Touted as Europe's most beautiful square, the Grand Place is open 24/7, with illuminated views making it a spectacle after sunset. Cruisers will certainly enjoy the open-air cafes surrounding the square and the flower markets that occasionally take place here.

▪️ Historic Centre Bruges

Known as the 'Venice of the North', this UNESCO world heritage site is a must-see. Cruisers can explore the historic center along picturesque canals and cobbled streets, while vintage horse-drawn carriages add to the town's charm.

▪️ Gravensteen Castle, Ghent

This 12th-century fortress, often referred to as the Castle of the Counts, invites cruisers to step back in time. Its best to visit during the day when guided tours are available. Its architecture and medieval torture instruments on display make for a fascinating sight.

▪️ Atomium, Brussels

A symbol of Brussels and Belgium, the Atomium provides great panoramic views of the city. Open from 10 am to 6 pm, this unique architectonic masterpiece is an absolute must-visit for architecture enthusiasts cruising through Belgium.

Cruise Prune's Pick: The exquisite Historic Centre of Bruges is our top choice. The quaint atmosphere, beautiful canals, and historic architecture create a charming fairy-tale setting that every cruiser must experience first-hand.

Savor the Spirit of Belgium: One Day Cruise Itineraries

Embarking on a one-day itinerary through the charmingly diverse landscapes of Belgium gives cruise vacationers the chance to savor the heart and soul of this historical country. Our carefully curated itineraries, tailored to match various interests, make exploring the beauty, history, and lifestyle of Belgium undeniably enjoyable and immensely feasible.

Whether you are a family on vacation, a history enthusiast, an adventure-lover, or simply a curious explorer, our diverse itineraries are designed to offer you an exclusive peek into the mesmerizing facets of Belgium, all from the comfort and convenience of your cruise journey.

Family 🧡

Begin your day with a morning stroll through the lush Jubelpark, then head over to the Mini-Europe, a magical miniature park perfect for families. Enjoy a Belgian waffle lunch at a local café before delving into the underwater world at Brussels' Aquariology. Round off the day with a family dinner at Chez Leon, famous for its delightful Moules-Frites.

Active 🎒

Start your day with a cycling trip around the scenic city of Bruges. Then take a kayaking trip on Lesse River to explore natural grottoes and stunning landscapes. Replenish your energy over lunch with the renowned Liège meatballs, before completing the day with a challenging climb up the Belfry of Ghent for a panoramic city view.

History 🏦

Spend the morning exploring the magnificent Atomium, a symbolic architectural masterpiece of Brussels. Have lunch at a historical café, L'Archiduc, then immerse yourself in the poignant history at the In Flanders Field Museum. For dinner, visit a 300-year-old establishment, De Rooden Hoed, to top off a day rich in historical reverence.

⭐Cruise Prune's Pick: Our highlight is the Family itinerary. The beauty of Belgium inherently shines through its family-oriented attractions. Moreover, the wide variety of experiences for children makes Belgium an ideal and inclusive destination for families. We, at Cruise Prune, value precious family time and believe that the Family itinerary resonates perfectly with our ethos.

A Tour Through Belgium's Gastronomic Wonderland

Belgium provides a tantalizing array of unique and delicious cuisines that continue to please even the most discerning cruise holiday maker. Being world famous for its chocolate, waffles, fries and beer, Belgium promises a journey in a gastronomical wonderland. Their national dish, 'Moules frites' (mussels and fries) is particularly irresistible, a delightful medley of the marine bounty and the earthy flavours of potatoes.

Belgium offers a unique culinary spread thanks to its rich historical influence. You'll find a fantastic mixture of foods ranging from hearty Flemish stews to delicate French pastries, all awaiting discovery in this charming country.

🥑Cruise Prune's Food Pick:

  • Belgian Waffles: Created from a batter of flour, sugar, milk, eggs and a pinch of magic, these delightful treats possess a slightly sweet finish that is simply irresistible!
  • Waterzooi: A creamy, wholesome chicken or fish soup, originating from Ghent that guarantees to comfort your soul - best complemented by Belgium's iconic brown bread.
  • Stoemp: A heartwarming dish made from creamy mashed potatoes and a variety of fresh vegetables, combined to produce a burst of homely flavors in your mouth.

Belgium's mouthwatering journey continues into the world of beverages. Belgian beer with its famous selection of ales, lagers and stouts assuming legendary status amongst connoisseurs. For non-beer drinkers, the fragrant locally grown apple cider is a must-try. Their delightful cocktails featuring local liquors are also highly recommended.

Cruise Prune's Pick: Undoubtedly, our choice goes to the local delicacy, Moules Frites. Mussels harvested from the North Sea, cooked in white wine-washed broth, accompanied perfectly by twice-fried, crispy Belgian fries is inarguably a combination that put Belgium on the world's gastronomic map. We guarantee it will be your go-to comfort food while in Belgium!

The Splendid Culture Awaiting in Belgium

A cruisetastic adventure to Belgium promises more than just marvelous sights. Beyond the grandeur of medieval castles and the charm of cobblestone streets, Belgium is a treasure trove of rich customs, diverse traditions, and impactful history. An amalgamation of Latin and Germanic cultures, the Belgian lifestyle embodies an urbane sophistication that is balanced with a beautiful rustic simplicity.

Historical milestones dot the Belgian land, with every town and city profoundly echoing stories of the past. From its crucial role in the Industrial Revolution to being a groundbreaking site for European politics, Belgium invariably offers insights into its vibrant past that holiday cruisers find captivating.

As we cruise along, let's turn the spotlight on our 'Culture Snapshot' to capture three distinctive cultural elements of Belgium that seduce every cruiser's senses.

🎨 The Belgian Surrealism

Belgium is the birthplace of Surrealism, an art movement that disrupted the conventional perceptions of reality. Popularised by René Magritte, this unique art form leaves visitors and locals alike mesmerized with its curious paradoxes and abstract beauty.

🎭 The Carnival of Binche

An immersive spectacle for all cruisers, the Carnival of Binche is a UNESCO-recognized event. With its intriguing Gilles characters donning vibrant costumes and hurling oranges, it encapsulates a tradition going back approximately 600 years, portraying Belgian folklore at its best.

🎵 Walloon Folk Music

From lilting flutes to rhythmic accordions, the engaging tune of Walloon folk music is ingrained in the cultural fabric of Belgium. This melodious art form delights visitors with its authentic, rustic charm, preserving a significant part of the country's heritage.

Immersive cultural experiences abound for all cruising guests in Belgium. Adventure-seekers might find themselves learning the intricate process of lace-making in Brussels, a traditional craft passed down generations. Meanwhile, culture enthusiasts could lose themselves in the vibrance of local festivals, directly participating in Belgium's living history.

Cruise Prune's Cultural Highlight: Enveloping the Cruiser in a warmth of tradition and congeniality, the Belgian Beer Weekend held annually in Brussels is unquestionably cherished by Cruise Prune. Brewing a blend of camaraderie, rich history, and an assortment of delicious Belgian beers, this delightful event leaves an indelible taste of local culture, making it a must-experience for every discerning cruiser.

Your Cruise-Companion Guide to Navigating Belgium

Embarking on a cruise holiday is its own heightened experience of discovery and relaxation. A dash of insider knowledge about your intriguing destination, Belgium, not only helps evade any potential hiccups aboard but also enriches your journey manifold. From the local customs to crucial pointers on local amenities—these pearls of practical advice will equip you with the essence of Belgium and ensure a hassle-free exploration of this charming European gem, directly from your cruise liner.

Here is Cruise Prune's cozy 'Survival Kit for Cruisers', snugly packed with notes on Belgic currency, security norms, transportation specifics, and social nuances. These brief pointers are your escape route to a smooth sailing experience in the heart of Europe:

💡 Tip 1: Be Euro-Ready!

Belgium, like most European nations, runs on the Euro (€). It would be wise to carry a sufficient amount in local currency for small onshore expenses, although credit cards are widely accepted. Ensure your card supports foreign transactions to avoid unwanted surprises.

💡 Tip 2: Safety First, Always

Belgium enjoys a quite high safety standard. However, remain vigilant in crowded places and safeguard your belongings diligently. Cruise Prune recommends carrying a photocopy of your ID and keeping the original securely on the ship.

💡 Tip 3: Navigate with Ease

Getting around in Belgium is quite easy, with an efficient network of trams, metros, and buses. Opt for a day travel card for unlimited travel. Cruising in, you'll find well-connected ports and accessible transport services.

💡 Tip 4: Embrace the Etiquette

Belgium is known for its cordiality and politeness. A friendly "Bonjour!" or "Goedendag!"—Hello, in French and Dutch, eases your way into the locale. Remember, tipping is customary, about 10-15% of your bill.

We believe that cruising should be filled with captivating experiences, sans any inconveniences. To enhance this, the following tip stands as the jewel in our crown of cruise advice:

Cruise Prune's Must-Know Tip: The Belgian weather can be quite unpredictable, with rain a sudden possibility. Always carry an umbrella or a light raincoat when stepping out for your onshore excursions. Umbrella in one hand, famous Belgian chocolate in the other—now that's the way to enjoy Belgium in the true cruiser's style.

Voyaging Mindfully in the Heart of Belgium

Cruise Prune invites you to explore the enchanting landscapes, alluring culture, and distinctive cuisine of Belgium while committing to responsible and sustainable travel. As cruisers, your journey is not solely about relishing the magnificent views from the deck but also about leaving a positive footprint in the places you visit. And, when it's about such a heart-warming destination like Belgium, the joyous memories you make and the positive difference your trip makes are truly inseparable.

Embracing responsible tourism, you can contribute to a more livable world while enriching your cruising experiences. Opt for reusable bags and bottles, reduce unnecessary water usage, and prefer local, sustainable means of transport. Belgium, renowned for its captivating wildlife, requests visitors to respect the habitat of its diverse fauna. Balancing your cruising adventure with the well-being of the place and its inhabitants brings beautiful harmony to your trip.

Furthermore, your active engagement with local businesses on your exploration through Belgium is crucial. Be it the charming waffle stands in Brussels, the little antique shops in Bruges, or the local artists displaying their craft across Antwerp - your patronage boosts the local economy. More than that, it transforms your journey into an authentic Belgian experience, unveiling beautiful stories and insights of this splendid country.

Below, you'll find our series of thoughtful tips crafted to assist you in making your cruising journey through Belgium a safe, enjoyable and responsible experience.

✅ Conscious Cruising Tip #1

When exploring iconic attractions such as the buzzing central square, the Grand Palace, always be mindful of the local codes and public etiquette. Belgium highly appreciates politeness and respect for their customs, making your trip a pleasant experience for all involved.

✅ Conscious Cruising Tip #2

Belgium is known for its commitment to cleanliness and environmental preservation. Carry a reusable water bottle and shopping bag while exploring local markets and attractions. This small step plays a crucial role in minimizing plastic waste.

✅ Conscious Cruising Tip #3

For a unique and intimate understanding of the area's history, hire a local guide when exploring sites like the remarkable Atomium or historic Bruges. This not only contributes to local employment but also garners you deeper insights and stories you might miss otherwise.

The rhythms of Belgium await your presence, and there's nothing more rewarding than adventuring responsibly through its picturesque locales. Creating lasting memories while guaranteeing a positive impact on the places you visit, is the ultimate goal of every conscious cruiser. Let's embark on this journey of mindful cruising, and make every ripple count.

Cruise Prune's Must-Know Tip: When in Belgium, dine at local eateries to experience authentic Belgian cuisine. This not only helps reduce your carbon footprint through less processed food consumption, but you'll also be investing in the local businesses that create the rich culture that Belgium is famous for.

Welcome to Belgium, Your Exceptional Cruise Gateway

As your Cruise Prune journey begins, the hypnotizing allure of Belgium awaits. The local port, your gateway to this rich country, extends an immediate sense of warm welcome. More than a docking station, the port serves as a delightful preface to Belgium's captivating landscapes, intricate architecture, and unrivaled history. This bustling nerve center is just the start of your unforgettable cruise experience here in Belgium.

The closest port to your cruise ship in Belgium brims with facilities, designed to make your stay comfortable even before you step into the actual country. It boasts state-of-the-art terminal facilities, streamlined docking procedures, and an array of services such as shopping outlets, cozy dining spots, and convenient Wi-Fi availability. You'd notice a unique blend of modern architecture and traditional design that the terminal showcases, perfectly encapsulating the Belgian spirit.

Upon docking, a wealth of shore excursions bids you welcome. These include not only guided city tours unveiling Belgium's rich history, but also thrilling water sports activities. For those seeking a taste of local charm, visits to the signature local markets and engaging workshops showcasing Belgium's traditional crafts are at your doorstep.

Exploration does not end at the port. The surround pulsates with life - lively parks, scenic coastal walkways, and nearby golden-sand beaches. The local markets, bustling with energy, are perfect spots for cruisers looking for independent adventures and memorable keepsakes.

Don't miss our 'Port Hotspots' guide, your friendly companion in discovering specific attractions around the port. From the elegant City Hall to the innovatively designed Port House, these sites speak volumes of Belgium's architectural prowess. A short distance away lies the iconic Diamond District, a true testament to Antwerp's sparkling legacy. These sites, seamlessly accessible from the port, promise a melting pot of experiences for cruisers.

Belgium's port radiates a unique charm and houses all the amenities a cruiser would dream of - trendy shopping outlets, a diverse array of dining options, and seamless connectivity. The distinct architecture adds a sense of awe, making your initial experience in Belgium nothing short of exceptional.

We invite you to wrap yourself in the unmatched convenience, vibrancy, and warmth of the port. It promises to etch fond memories in your heart, even before your Belgium exploration unfurls in its full glory. Fasten your seatbelts for a cruise getaway like no other in Belgium!

Cruise Prune's Insider Tip: While enjoying your cruise in Belgium, always maintain responsible travel habits. Opt for reusable water bottles to stay hydrated – Belgium tap water is safe and it will help you reduce plastic waste contributing to a greener cruising experience.

A Cruiser's Handy Dandy Guide to Belgium

We welcome your curiosity and eagerness for your upcoming cruise adventure in Belgium. To assuage your queries and kick start the countdown, we're addressing all the common questions, from sightseeing itineraries to essential preparation tips - all with a cruiser's perspective.

Belgium is a treasure trove of cultural, historical, and gastronomical wonders. From architectural spectacles to gastronomic affairs, you're never short of attractions. Bruges stands as a marvel of Flemish architecture. Visit the Groeninge Museum or take a tranquil boat ride in the canal. Not to forget, the charm of Brussels. Think iconic Atomium, picturesque La Grand Place, and the cheeky Manneken Pis. Remember, each site is accessible, wheelchair-friendly, and accompanied by English-speaking guides.

Belgium weather adds to the charm. May through September are sunny and pleasantly warm, perfect for exploring the outdoors and enjoying alfresco meals. Winters can be slightly chilly, paving the way for indoor munching and museum visits. Either way, remember to pack a raincoat or small umbrella – Belgium is known for its light showers which grace the country now and then.

Belgium will please your palate with its waffles, chocolates, and fries. The food expedition does not stop here - seafood, game meat, an array of sauces, and mouth-watering patisseries - each equally tempting. A Belgian food crawl is incomplete without the famous mussels served with fries and mayonnaise. Also, save room for over 1,000 types of beer to choose from!

Absolutely, the Belgians are known for their hospitality and will gladly help you navigate your way through the country. Most Belgians are multilingual and English is widely spoken. Belgians place high value on courtesy, so remember to reciprocate their friendliness, be polite, and enjoy the Belgian warmth and hospitality.

Final Port of Call: Belgium

Reflecting on our enchanting voyage, the vibrant charm and grandeur of Belgium emerge as an eminent highlight. From its quaint villages to effervescent cities, Belgium as a cruising destination is a splendid fusion of nature, culture, and delectable cuisine.

Belgium enchants visitors with its diverse landscapes, from the serenity of the Ardennes to the bustling beauty of Brussels. Its historic allure is perfectly balanced with its modern infrastructure. The country's ports, equipped with visitor-friendly amenities, serve as the perfect gateways for journeys into its cultural heartland. The charming streets of Bruges, the grandiose beauty of Ghent, and the fashion-forward Antwerp all showcase the cultural richness that awaits cruise passengers.

What makes Belgium an outstanding destination isn't just its picturesque scenery or its landmark-filled cities, but also, it's the warmth and hospitality of the locals. Amid the country's world-class chocolates and legendary beers, it’s the welcoming smiles of the Belgians that create a truly distinctive cruising experience.

An engaging snippet that adds a golden feather to Belgium's allure is the international acclaim of its beer culture, honored by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Belgium's beer isn't just a beverage, it's a heritage, a passion, a way of life. And what could be a more fitting toast to a memorable cruise holiday?

Looking back on our remarkable journey, we invite you to cherish the memories etched in every Belgian cobblestone and toast to the unforgettable adventures. The spellbinding allure of Belgium will always call you back to explore further, discover more, and tread a new path on your next Cruise Prune voyage.

🌟Cruise Prune's Belgium Highlight: Did you know Belgium is home to a fascinating labyrinth of beer pipelines? The De Halve Maan Brewery in Bruges channels beer from the brewery to a nearby bottling plant through an underground pipeline, symbolizing Belgian innovation and their unparalleled love for beer!