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How it Works

How It Works

Discover the best cruise deals effortlessly with Cruise Prune. We monitor cruise prices daily, presenting them on an intuitive dashboard for easy comparison and smart savings.

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  • Track cruise prices for deep insights.
  • Alerts for price drops and room availability.
  • Save searches to review cruise prices.
  • Pricing history graphs for cost trends.

The Problem

There is one key issue with Cruise Holidays.

Cruise. Prices. Change.

Ever noticed a Cruise Price drop a few days/weeks after you have booked it?

Annoying right?

This is because Cruise Lines utilise a pricing algorithm based on supply, demand and sales.

Our data shows that cruise prices fluctuate significantly, often varying by 25-44% on average*. There is little to no discernible pricing patterns either, making it even harder to crack.

In the example graph, booking a Balcony at £2,468 at the start was a bad move. Waiting 2 months could've saved you £600!

Example Cruise Pricing

Actual data taken from a previous cruise!
What's the Solution?

The Solution is Cruise Prune

Use Cruise Prune to track, monitor and alert you when a cruise price drops.

Forget the hassle of tracking prices with Excel or incognito browsers. Cruise Prune handles all the heavy lifting for you, every day.

  • Sign Up for Cruise Prune.
  • Access Your Account.
  • Explore Cruise Options.
  • Add Favorites to Watchlist.
  • Receive Alerts on Price Changes.
  • Direct Booking with Cruise Lines.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind with Your Booking.

And it's all just for £0.20 per day!


Email Alerts

Stay informed with tailored email alerts. Get notified about Price Drops, Price Increases, and Room Availability for your favorite cruises or specific room types.


Keep your desired cruises in sight with our watchlist feature. It notifies you of any updates, ensuring you stay informed about the cruises you're interested in.

Advanced Search

Our Advanced Search goes beyond the norm, allowing you to precisely filter cruises. Whether it's price per night per person or one of the 2000 destinations available.

Price Tracking

Explore over 3,000 cruises we monitor, with detailed pricing data at your fingertips. Delve into each room's price history through clear line graphs. Book direct with the cruise line.

Cruise Prune Dashboard

Login to Dashboard

Log in to Cruise Prune using your Google or Facebook account and sign up to start exploring lucrative cruise deals.

Our dashboard provides a wealth of tools to aid in savvy decision-making for your cruise holiday:

  1. Watchlist: Keep track of chosen cruises for any price changes.
  2. Today's Bargain Cruises: Access the day's most cost-effective cruises.
  3. Cruise Calendar: Anticipate upcoming cruises for future planning.
  4. Today's Deal Highlights: Navigate the day's top and bottom room deals for informed decisions.

Log in to our user-friendly dashboard today and navigate your way to prime cruise deals.

Cruise Prune Search Dashboard

Browse Cruises

Upon logging into the Cruise Prune dashboard, tailor your search for a bespoke browsing experience:

  1. Search Filters: Easily filter cruises by cost, destination, cruise line, length, and more.
  2. Save Searches: Save your search parameters for a seamless browsing experience.
  3. Sort Options: Rearrange search results based on preferences like sail date, price, duration.
  4. View Rooms: Click 'View Rooms' for a detailed breakdown of available rooms on your chosen cruises.

Our easy-to-use browsing features enable you to navigate the vast array of cruise options with ease and precision, facilitating your dream cruise holiday preparations.

Cruise Prune Dashboard of View Cruise Prices

View Cruise Prices

Once you've chosen a cruise, see all the specifics on our detailed individual cruise page:

  1. Room Breakdown: List of rooms with prices and ratings.
  2. Price Details: Total and daily prices for each room.
  3. Colour Coding: Easily spot the best ('green') and highest ('red') prices.
  4. Price Fluctuation Graph: Visualize price changes over time.
  5. Cruise Itinerary: Full timeline of cruise stops and events.
  6. Book Cruise: Direct access to cruise line booking page.
  7. Add to Watchlist: Use the 'Heart Icon' to add cruise to watchlist for later, and receive alerts for price drops, room availability, and price increases.

Cruise Prune helps you navigate to the best cruise deals, tuned to your preferences and budget, in just a few easy steps.

Cruise Prune Watchlist


The Watchlist is your personalised hub for favourite cruises. Adding a cruise is as simple as clicking the heart symbol. Take advantage of these features:

  1. Cruise List: An orderly list of your preferred cruises, including key details.
  2. Alert Settings: Set up alerts via the bell icon for price changes and room availability.
  3. Delete Function: Remove a cruise from your watchlist with ease.
  4. Cruise Overview: Revisit the full details of a cruise anytime.

The Watchlist helps you keep track of prime cruises, up-to-date prices, and availability in just a few clicks.

The Cruise Prune Advantage

Delighted to Share Why Cruise Prune Works?

Proven Savings

Our data reveals Cruise Prune users save up to 30% on their cruise bookings. That's not a claim, it's outlined in our data sets and our price monitoring system.

Confidence in Booking

When the all-time 'How much did you pay?' query comes about, our members lead conversations with confidence, knowing they've secured the best deals.

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